Painting & Decorating

Specialising in residential and commercial property painting and decorating.

Welcome to Allpoints Painters & Decorators in Kent, Maidstone and Bristol.

Allpoints Painters & Decorators use the finest tools and materials. This is to make sure we provide that perfect finish in your home. We know we will provide you with a specialised service, we take pride and care in our work and work with you to get the look you require. Our time is spent making sure the cutting in and rolling is just right, we prep all surfaces before painting, you don’t see us painting over wall plugs without removing and filling the hole first!

We provide a free quotation and try to work within your budget within reason. I pride myself in keeping costs low for my customers but still providing a high end finish.

In January 2018 we carried out a boat project on the Queens Royal Row Barge Gloriana. It was an amazing project to be involved in and one of my favourite projests to date!

In July 2018 I set up a painting and decorating workshop in Africa, Rwanda, this was to teach the Alumni of an orphange new trade skills. I have recently been offered another task of doing something similar in Kenya for 2022! Lets keep our fingers crossed that Covid doesnt holt these plans!

Please look through my projects to find samples of our work.

Interior Painting & Decorating

We use the finest tools and equipment. We prepare all surfaces prior to painting, every crack and hole is filled with a fine filler then sanded smooth to blend in with the surrounding area. Skirting boards and architraves are caulked with quality decorators caulk, this is to ensure that no cracks between the wood and walls remain. Wood work is sanded with any holes filled with two pack filler prior to applying a top coat of your choice.

Walls are de-nibbed prior to painting with expert cutting in skills undertaken with high quality paint brushes, I tend to use ‘Purdy’s’ brushes as they provide me with a line free finish whilst laying off. Walls are then rolled with a smooth flawless finish.

Please check out our Gallery for our latest projects.

Exterior Painting & Decorating

Exterior painting is somewhat less time consuming then interior work however we still take care and attention to your property as our priority.

Here we can use a range of exterior options, we have masonry paints for brick work we use and any wood work is primed in exterior preservatives prior to undercoating. There are a few options to choose from exterior wood wise. You can opt for Satin, Eggshell or Gloss. There are various masonry paints, I tend to use Sandtex as I find it reliable and long lasting and up to 10 years guarantee although I personally  recommend every 5 years to repaint your exterior window frames and doors, this ensures no damp settles in the woodwork and keeps your property looking fresh.

Floor Painting

Painting old drab wooden floor boards can completly transform a room, all dust is removed from sanding and two coats applied with self undercoating properties, all knots in floor boards are knotted prior to painting.

Furniture Painting/Spraying.

Furniture painting has come back into fashion, artists such as Annie Sloan and companies such as Farrow & Ball have helped revive the furniture painting industry, furniture paints are now made with a chaulk finish, creating a quality feel to them, old dated furniture can be re-designed with not much expense spared. Please feel free to contact us if you require a quotation.

Interior colours to consider…

Cooling colours These are blues, greens, and purples, they are considered cool colours because they are perceived to move away from you, or appear more distant. If you would like a small room to appear bigger then these colour spectrums are for you.

Advancing/warm colours- These are colours on the yellow to red range, which when used in a room make that surface appear more prominent, so that it ‘advances’.