A little bit about plaster.

Plaster is the main component making up your home, your walls are either artexed or smooth with the lovely painted finish to seal it on top.

Occasionally old plaster can become as we call it “blown,” meaning that the old plaster has come away from the coating’s underneath, this can happen due to a variety of reasons, either because the plaster is old, has been poorly constructed the first time, or if you have Lath & Plaster.

Lath and Plaster tends to be in properties built before the 1930’s after this time plasterboard was introduced, plasterboard has been found not to crack as Lath & Plaster does. The Rochester and Maidstone properties are notorious for Lath & Plaster walls and walls tend to be cracked on a scale that basic filler just can’t patch up!

We can assist you on your journey of making your house a home with a free no obligation quotation.

We cater for all your plastering needs, from bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Internally and externally.

We can also cater for unique plastering designs, maybe you want to have curved walls instead of edges, or a sloped curved ceiling? No matter what you desire our expert plaster will work with you to get your dream home, we clean up after every job ensuring we protect your furniture and carpets along the way.

Our prices are affordable meaning you can afford to create your dream home! We cover Medway, Maidstone and Kent areas.