Specialised paper hanging


Allpoints Painters and Decorators specialise in wallpaper hanging in Kent, Maidstone and Medway towns.

Wallpapers and the quality ranges from high to low and we can help you budget to your affordability.

Types of papers vary from paste the wall or paste the paper, from textured to embossed. We also install mirages. They look fantastic in any room.

Types of wallpapers.

Lining Paper.

This is not a paper for decoration but a paper that needs to hide either minor or major defects on walls or ceilings, this comes in different grades depending on the amount of defects that need to be hidden.

These papers can then be painted or papered over with a feature paper.

Vinyl Paper.

This is the most widely used paper, it is easy to apply and washable, they tend to also not fade in the sun. They are made of a backing paper of either fibre or paper and have a plastic top coat, they are ideal for kitchen, bathrooms and dining rooms.

Non Woven Paper.

These are made of natural and synthetic fibre which means they are washable and breathable, they are perfect for bathrooms because of there breathable nature.

They are usually a little more expensive then the traditional papers on the market.

Traditional papers.

Traditional papers are usually single or duplex layered, they are usually made up of cellulose they are affordable but non washable, wallpapers such as Sanderson and William Morris are made up of cellulose.

Embossed papers.

Embossed paper can hide defeats such as wall roughness and cracks, they add a lot of depth to a room and can be made of soft delicate fabric paper, they can also be painted over and have been known to be used on period property houses.

They are typically used on ceilings in houses of the victorian era.