It has been a tiring but pleasurable week. My students did a fantastic job in painting three rooms, we had many challanges, the walls had crumbled in almost every room, thankfully it was only the bottom half of the walls, with surfaces being stripped back there were two days of sand and cementing. Not only did all the students learn new things so did I, mainly about the types of paints they have there and the lack of good quality materials, improvision was the secret, I didn’t see any extension poles for the rollers so I showed the guys that the roller cage can be attached to a large stick. Paint had to also be thinned down unlike our UK paint. Filler was also made up with a filling powder, water and PVA unlike the UK whereas PVA is not needed. The cement was sieved and mixed by hand. There are no machines to assist with work like this, I have learnt to adapt without the use of technology, hot showers and endless running water, the water I used was from a pump, it has been a far simplier life and one I wil greatly miss. I have however been invited to plan and teach a Level 2 for the boys as they want to know more. I could cover a lot of parts due to limited time but I managed to pull the team together whilst producing a fantastic result. I couldnt ask for better students, they worked so hard and you can see from the final pictures.