Day Three РWhere can I start! Its been a complicated  experience finding materials for my project but I eventually achieved it. The students are amazing and exceptionally hard working. I have had to start at the basics, teaching the main componants of materials, defects of paint, type of paints, health and safety and many more. It is clear that I need more time out here but I feel what is needed is a stage 2, an advancement of skills. Painting is a skill desired out here with good prospects of making good money, I figure I may be taking many more trips out here in the future.

Three rooms have been stripped bare with freshly plastered walls where needed, the whole bottom half of each room had to be re-skimmed, painting with a little bit of building skills thrown in. I will add pictures tomorrow, today has been a busy day. Its an 8am start with a finish time of around 4pm, I am completly worn out! I can’t wait to get some chill time soon!



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